Relevant Contacts

Chairman: Dr. Steven Halls

Tel: 07900 162170
Vice-Chairman: Stuart Freed
 Tel: 01905 339371
Hon. Secretary: George Smart
 Tel: 01357 520314
Hon. Treasurer: Helen Whittaker
 Tel: 01508 494591
Editor of the Journal: Meinhard Saremba
Editor of the News: Peter James
Concert notices should be e-mailed to:
Membership Secretary: David Young
 Tel: 01984 667735

Need Help?

If you have question about the society or any of its activities or if you are looking for some support for a planned event and need some advice, contact the Vice-chairman.
By Post: 6, Carriage Close, St. John’s, Worcester. WR2 6AE.
By telephone: 01905 339371
By e-mail:

Concert Listings

If you are planning a concert containing an Elgar work and would like it to be posted in our concert listings, please send details to

Funding Criteria

The Elgar Society is keen to support projects undertaken by outside bodies that can be seen to further its aims. Guidance for those making applications for grants or other support, together with an application form can be downloaded from the link shown.

Form and criteria for funding of projects