Elgar in Performance

Criteria for Funding of the Elgar Society’s “Elgar in Performance” Scheme

(Updated 2017)

The Elgar Society has many calls upon its finances. These come in various forms, some of which are regular annual outgoings, for example the provision of the Society’s News and Journal. Others are the result of suggestions and ideas that are brought through the membership or from outside individuals and organisations.

However, the main regular calls on its finances beyond these are the Elgar in Performance Scheme and the Other Projects fund. For the criteria for the Other Projects scheme, please download the Other Projects application form . Elgar in Performance is a scheme set up to satisfy one of the Society’s agreed objectives of increasing access to the Elgar oeuvre. It exists to give support in cash and/or kind to enable live performances of Elgar’s works that we feel are particularly either unjustly neglected or require forces that may deter performing societies. Supported performances usually include choral works, because of their size.

During the period 2013-2018, the Elgar Society has been keen to see performances of works that were written by Elgar during the First World War, many of which are little known: these include The Spirit of England, The Music Makers, Polonia and The Sanguine Fan. (The Music Makers of 1912 is not a war work, but has very similar scoring to the other works mentioned). Other works include the recitations with orchestra (Carillon, Une Voix dans le Désert, and Le Drapeau Belge), or the delightful music from The Starlight Express.

To encourage organisations to promote these works, the Elgar Society continues to offer financial support towards performances of these pieces and in some cases can also, or as an alternative, offer in-kind support by supplying reduced price scores and parts.

Composition centenaries of major works to note over the next few years (although these do not automatically attract EiP funding) are:
1919 Cello Concerto (not supported within the UK)
1921 Transcription of JS Bach’s Fugue in C minor (score & parts available via Elgar Works)
1922 Transcription of JS Bach’s Fantasia in C minor (score & parts available via Elgar Works)
1923 Handel’s Overture in D minor (transcription for full orchestra)
1923 Incidental Music to Arthur (score & parts available via Elgar Works)
1924 Empire March for orchestra

As the Great War centenary commemorations come to an end, the Society would wish to encourage performances of Elgar’s pre-Enigma choral works including:
1893 The Black Knight
1896 King Olaf
1896 From the Bavarian Highlands
1896 The Light of Life
1897 The Banner of St. George
1897 Te Deum and Benedictus
1898 Caractacus

Elgar in Performance can also consider supporting at any time other major works that are currently less often performed in the UK and abroad e.g. the Coronation Ode.  It does not support performances of The Dream of Gerontius, the Cello Concerto, Pomp and Circumstance March No.1, the Enigma Variations or Symphonies no. 1 or 2 within the UK, however, these works may be considered for support overseas. Works must, of course, be performed with the full orchestral forces specified by Elgar.

As part of the Society’s education initiative, it is keen to introduce a younger audience to the music of Edward Elgar.  Wherever possible performing bodies should encourage local schools to support the performance and encourage interest in Elgar’s music through visits and the provision of promotional material.  In order to further its aim of widening the appeal of Elgar’s music, the Society will only support performances if an agreed number of tickets are set aside to be provided, free of charge, to local school children.  The number of tickets allocated for this purpose will be agreed between the Society and the applying body.  Should these tickets be unused, the performing body will be able to reclaim them for sale in the usual way.  By agreeing to this arrangement performing bodies not only encourage an appreciation of Elgar’s works, but also help to develop an audience for its own future performances.

All successful applicants will receive a minimum of 50 Society leaflets to be distributed at their event.

All successful applicants will automatically be enrolled into the Society for one year free of charge and will receive Society mailings either electronically or by post as required.

The link on this page will enable you to download and complete the Elgar in Performance application form. This should be completed and submitted.  Applications must be accompanied by CVs and accounts etc. as highlighted on the form.  These should be e-mailed separately to eip@elgar.org .  You will see that the following information is required: Name, address, daytime telephone number and email address of the person making the application. This will be the Society’s principal point of contact for the application so must be someone who is able to discuss the details of the project for which funding is sought.



Click here to link to Elgar in Performance Applications .

Those seeking funding for an event that does not involve musical performance should click here to link to the Other Projects Application Form .